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Six Sigma

Achieving that elusive goal of near –perfection in meeting customer requirement is no longer intimidating! Six Sigma quality management system have made sure of that. Hailed as one of the most profound business idea of the 21st century, Six Sigma quality management system, which enables near-perfect performance, has produced astonishing business results for any type of organization, large, medium, and small from every sector of an economy.

So, what is Six Sigma? Six Sigma for superior performance provides two definitions: a performance target of operation with only 3.4 defects for every million activities or “opportunities”; a culture satisfaction, profitability and competitiveness. Both definitions give insights into the essence of the quality system and are valid ways to describe Six Sigma. By setting the achievement of near-perfection in all that your company does, which is seemingly a mission impossible, as a policy for your company, your company will achieve the impossible.

By Goodie M. Ibru .