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Business Challenges Of The 21st Century

I feel highly to be asked to contribute to this highly topical and interesting book on the probable “Business Challenges of the 21st Century”, especially for Nigeria, as a developing country, in the new era.

My major focus will highlight three fundamental considerations, at the domestic level, that will significantly affect the pace and growth as well as the challenges of the development of businesses in the country in the unfolding millennium. First, there is the critical issue directly or indirectly on the existing Nigerian businesses and other expected, new ventures of the future. Secondly, the on-going Privatization and commercialisation of government parastatals and cognate state-owned enterprises will certainly have monumental change effects on the directional thrust, scope and a new initiative in the fields of business. These will enhance new culture orientation in the general populace towards standards of greater confidence, commitment, dependability and efficiency in the management of corporate and personal enterprises. Thirdly, and on less of potentially assault by the new, civilian Administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo on corruption in Nigeria, which has eaten very deeply into the national fabric, at all levels, of an otherwise well-endowed but grossly poverty-stricken society faced by rising, but unfulfilled, expectations of rapid improvement in the standard of living of the people. Hopefully, henceforth, corruption impacts on businesses will become minimal in the years ahead.

By Trithel International Consulting