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International Business Ethics

Unethical behaviour of individual and businesses has far reach ricochet on any society. Minimizing the negative impacts of untowered societal behaviour in a world that has been shrunk inot global village by information communication technologies is, therefore, a amatter that ought to concern everybody- politicians, civil servants, businessmen, private organisations, Armed forces, etc.

The content of this book is reflected in its title, International Business Ethics. Trithel was moved to organize the discourse involving the contributing authors for two key reasons: first, the feedback from a preponderant number of delegates attending Trithel conference on 2007 had expressed grave concern about the ruinous damage the endermic corruption that pervades virtually all strata of the nation’s economic activities and expressed the desire to have to have a discourse on what should to done to salvage the nation’s reputation, steer it in the path of rectitude to restore some measure of dignity to Nigeria and its citizens. The 2008 confrence with the above title was Trithel’s corporate response to that clarion call.

By Trithel International Consulting