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Keeping Customers For Life

Good customers are the life blood of any business. Without no business can thrive let alone survive. Research results confirm that the loss of a single customers. Yet, some organizations lose 20 percent of their customers every year because of lousy customer care.

In this age of globalization and fierce competition in almost all sectors of the Nigerian economy where products and service look increasingly alike, good products and good marketing are insufficient for business success. To succeed, you also need to know how to turn a one-time customer to a life time customer. Such ability is a key differentiating factor for business success in this 21st century. Keeping customers for life is the next important step beyond quality thinking, lean management and Six Sigma for any organization that wants to thrive and survive in this millennium. It offers unique and powerful insights into the world of acquiring and retaining customers. Most importantly it provides new approaches to keep existing customers from defection. You can’t afford to lose your customers!

By Trithel International Consulting