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Lean Thinking

One of Trithel\'s tenets is the \'helping of organizations to achieve world - class performance through the assimilation of best practices and the spirit of innovation to achieve distinctive, lasting and significant business results. \'The publication of our annual conference papers in a book form apart from helping Trithel to achieve this tenet also sensitizes Nigerian organizations and institutions to such best practices; and gives them the opportunity to learn the methodologies of the breakthrough systems, and the immense benefits which they stand to gain from the application of the systems in the management of their businesses.


Nigerian organizations cannot employ third world management systems in this information age and expect to achieve business results that can compare with those achieved by First World organizations that apply global best practices. They must embrace with passion and deep commitment the tools used by First World nations to manage and lead their organizations if they want to be counted in the league of the world - class companies. Lean Thinking is a resent global phenomenon for achieving world - class performance.

By Trithel International Consulting