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Mining The Voice Of The Customer

With the privatization policy and reform agenda of the Federal Government at an unstoppable pace, Nigeria is fast becoming a market-base society. Market – based societies only permits to exist and thrive those organizations which do an excellent job of listening to and mining the voices of their customer.

The primary objective for organizing this proactive discourse on “Mining the Voice of the Customer” was to send a wake-up message to all organizations, managers and employees in Nigeria to place premium on becoming customer-centric as it makes good business sense to do so. To serve customer, after all, is the raison d’etre for the establishment of any business. Without customers no business can survive let alone thrive.

The arrows in the quiver of this book include the successful example of NIPOST as a sort of a ‘Northern Star” to follow, a template for action by public sector organizations striving to win the challenge of becoming customer focused. Whether you are a business owner, the chief executive officer of a small or large organization, an individual, this book also provides useful insights and techniques for building customer loyalty, measuring customer satisfaction, establishing customer satisfaction index and dealing with demanding customers.

By Julius Adelusi