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For quick understanding, our Company is structured as follows:


Corporate: Trithel International Company Limited.


Brand: Trithel International Consulting.



Range: Trithel International Consulting core-range.


Products: Consulting Specialisations.


Mode of Delivery:

Engagement Reports.

Training Manuals.

Hands –on Experience

Use of Top-rated Human Resources.

Audio-Visual Aids.


AT TRITHEL, we value

Skilled Team Work
As a Quality organization, we shall always cooperate across functional boundaries and manifest excellent team-spirit in our business dealings. Our organisational interests will always supersede individual interests.

Commitment to Environment Preservation
To us, commitment to environmental preservation means maintaining the highest level of housekeeping, having safe and healthy working environment, using electronic mail and recycled stationery wherever possible, obeying all relevant, statutory environmental-laws, inculcating environmental awareness in our human resources, and participating actively in environmental seminars and conferences.

Our employees are our greatest assets, whatever their status.  Accordingly, we shall be humane in dealing with our employees and customers in our business transactions.  We shall also display our social responsibilities to the communities in which we operate by identifying with their problems and aspirations.

Customer Enthusiasm
We shall strive, always, to exceed our customers’ expectations with the quality of our products and services, and create a unique and lasting impression in their minds.  Our hierarchy of priorities for every staff is customer first, organization second and self last.

Commitment to Excellence
We shall be recognized for excellence in everything we do, and painstakingly deliver the highest quality of work to our customers at all times.

Integrity & Confidentiality
In all our business transactions and interactions, our words will always be our bond.  We shall protect the privacy of our customers and our organization with the utmost discretion, and treat all information pertaining to our business operations and strategies in the strictest confidence.  We shall not divulge any entrusted information to third parties, except as may be required by applicable laws of contract or Nigerian statutes.


Trithel International Company Limited(TICL), a member of the British Quality Foundation and The Nigerian Instittue for Training and development. Trithel a frontline consulting outfit delivering an all-embracing integrated portfolio of professional services in the key markets of quality management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TQM, Six Sigma and Lean Thinking), Human Capital Services and Environment.


  • - ISO 9001:2008 Certifications projects
  • - ISO 14001:2004 Certifications projects