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We construct solutions to problems in any type of business by working closely with the client as active members of our consulting team.

The common aspects of our facts-based problem-solving approaches are:

Defining and selecting the Problem
To provide focus and direction for our understanding of the problem, we work with the client Chief Executive Officer or Senior Management team to define, agree on the problem to be worked on and identify the “desired state”, as part of the problem identification process.

Researching the problem
Our team carries out best-practice research, breaks the problem down into smaller components that are mutually exclusive, assigns tasks and generates explanations, as a starting-point for reasoning possible lines of action for solving the problem.

Conducting interviews
We use interview and surveying methods, as part of the researching process, to collect critical and necessary information required to solve the problem from all persons on whom the problem has an impact. This process enables our team fill gaps in its knowledge-base and tap into the experience and knowledge of the client. The confidentiality of respondents is always ensured.

Analyzing the data/information
We use the Pareto principle (80/20 rule) in extracting useful conclusions about the possible key causes of the problem from data/information gathered during our research process. Positive and negative forces affecting the problem are also considered.


Communicating cause(s) of the problem
Our team communicates the findings of the data analysis to the client through formal and informal presentations.

Making implementable recommendations
Implementable recommendations for each key driver of the component parts of the problem are made by our team, after generating and evaluating all possible potential solutions.
Interviewing and surveying techniques are used to collect and gain important insights into possible solutions from workers and managers to enable them ultimately own the solutions.

Implementing the solutions
Implementing chosen solutions successfully is a major concern of our team. We ensure that implementers, in our client organisation, have complete understanding of the tasks and the order of accomplishing them. Plans for completing outlined tasks are carefully followed and data collected to monitor the progress of implementation.

Evaluating the solutions
Our team works with our client’s implementers to collect necessary data relevant to determining the effectiveness of the solutions, to establish that the problem has been solved efficiently and effectively, and the desired state achieved.

Any changes or new problems that may have arisen, as a result of solving the original problem during the intervening time between problem identification and the solution implementation, are highlighted for Management attention and action.


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